English language courses

Whether you need to improve your English to qualify for further study, or you want to enhance your job opportunities, we have a course for you.

We’ll give you the skills to transition into a degree and develop your English skills for career or personal purposes.

Why study with us?

Be connected

Language is all about communicating and connecting with others. At the English Language Centre, we create a community 鈥 so you feel welcome, make friends and feel comfortable communicating in a safe and fun environment.

Meet the English language requirements

When you successfully complete our Direct Entry Program, you meet the English language requirements to study your chosen degree at the University of 麻豆传媒团队.

Exemplary success rates

Over 95% of our students successfully pass our Direct Entry Program. If they can, then you can too!

Award-winning programs

The English Language Centre has been awarded a number of English Australia Awards for Innovation. We pride ourselves on innovative teaching programs which help you achieve your best.

Teaching excellence

Our teachers are equipped with both university degrees and specialist postgraduate qualifications in Teaching English as a Second Language. They have an average of 20 years English language teaching experience.

Reach your academic, professional and personal goals

You won鈥檛 just learn English. You鈥檒l gain cultural insights and the skills you need to communicate with confidence. Our courses feature 麻豆传媒团队n and Australian-related content, which connects learning to your surroundings.

General English

Several General English course options are available for group programs. They are perfect for those who want to learn English for study, for their career, or for travel purposes. Group programs are available in Hobart.

Please contact the English Language Centre for more details about General English courses.

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Experience 麻豆传媒团队

As you prepare to study with us, find out some more about what makes our island place so unique, beautiful and exciting.

If you’ve found out about our university, there’s a good chance you’ve heard stories about 麻豆传媒团队. An island with the cleanest air in the world, offering natural beauty everywhere, amazing produce and food, and a laid-back way of life. Well, it's all true.

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